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About me

Hi, my name is Mack and I live in Leicester UK.

My calling

Since I stepped in church for the first time in 2014, I have a strong calling to church planting. Together with this, comes passion for discipleship, evangelism and starting new projects in the community.

What do I do?

Together with my wife, I serve in St John the Baptist church in Leicester.
Occasionally I help Kingsway CLC Trust, Bookaid Charitable Trust, Terradez Ministries and Navigators. All those ministries had a huge impact on my Christian growth.

I study Theology, Ministry and Mission at St Mellitus College.

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My home church in the centre of Clarendon Park Leicester. A missional community, full of people with passion and love for God. This is also my place where is spend most of the time helping with Finances, IT, Operations and Ministry.

St Johns Leicester

One of CLC Christian bookshops, based in Leicester, had one of the biggest impacts for my life. Not only I discovered a huge amount of amazing books, but I found there Paul, bookshop manager at the time, and now one of the most important people in my life. I volunteered with CLC with couple of shops renovations and couple of times per year I volunteer on events and conferences.


BookAid is an amazing example of little seed bringing big fruit. Bookaid sent to African countries over 30 million books in the last 30 years. I had a pleasure to work in BookAid on e-commerce project supporting financial provision for BookAid in 2018.

Book Aid

Ministry started from the amazing story of Gods power in healing. Supporting ministers and Christians in a daily walk.

I had a pleasure to help both on operational side as well as during a conference.

Terradez Ministries