9:00am Main Event

Main Service

The main talk of the day. Please, join us for live worship and preaching from pastor John Piper 

Post service

Live Church


Join and listen to live seminars with Q&A on particular subjects.

Chat Rooms

Join thematic chat rooms and meet likeminded people in your church.

1on1 Mentoring

Schedule or join now, 1on1 pastoral meeting on prayer time. 

Get involved

A place to discover ministries of the church and ways to serve or get involved



Children's service

Lesson On Obedience | Bible Stories | Animated Children's Bible | Holy Tales

Main service

Ravi Zacharias – Where is God in the Midst of Suffering and Injustice?

Ravi Zacharias

Church Planting

How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Church Planting

Chat rooms



Students room




Hiking and outdoors



1on1 Meeting


Schedule 1on1 meeting with a mentor, pastoral e-visit, or 10n1 prayer.

Explore ministries

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