Amazing read, get ready for change.

I always liked Francis Chan. He is a genuine man, who can admit his mistakes, reflects on them and makes changes, even when this requires significant sacrifices. His dynamic style of preaching, where Francis involves, dramatic body language and images to everyday life, his honesty and boldness, make him fantastic communicator.

After years of being a lead pastor of one of the mega-churches, Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California, he made a bold move to leave. After many months in Asia, he comes back to the USA and starts a new house church network called We Are Church.

Francis explains that his concerns about how the church in modern-day States looks like is not what he reads in the bible. Love and belonging, presented in Acts, visible in big mega-churches of today's western world. He states that the churchgoers nowadays would quickly move to different church down the road, because of better coffee or new worship band. This was not a case in the early church!

Later he explains what God intended for the church to be, how did the church look like in a first centuries after Jesus death, how it looks like now in western world and compares it to Asian churches.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone.

After I have read the book and before I wrote this post, I read a few excellent book reviews. I was tempted to write one too, but I scrapped it all. This book, meant to impact the reader, the effect would not be the same once you would know what the text says. So read a couple pages for yourself in a free preview of content, served by google.

Read a couple pages in preview to get a taste of the book for yourself.

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See below couple of interesting videos about the book produced by Francis Chan.