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Mission Style - test

There are many opinions on whether one should or should not do personality tests and how much should we care about the result of those tests. I accept that I am an individual, but those tests help me to work on myself and look at me from a non-bias perspective.

In the past, I have done tests like Myers-Briggs and Enneagram which helped me understand myself a bit more. Today, I had a chance to test my mission style.

My Result

Traditionally, I am extreme in some areas and a little less extreme in others. But as expected "Show me" is highest on my results. The website says this about me:

Your ‘Show me’ mission style makes you practical and down-to-earth. You are interested in seeing the difference Jesus makes in everyday life. At a party, you've already made the playlist and you're watching - do the speakers work? Has everyone got a drink in their hand? You're ready and willing to help make the community work. You're not afraid to get hands-on, and know how to involve other people to get the job done too, especially when it's serving a cause like showing others the love of God.

This is pretty accurate. While I can work with detail, Doing so it's not my natural strength.

Your strengths are sharpened by feedback, trial and error processes and clear guidelines. You are up for sharing Jesus with others, but it helps you to be given some strategies for mission that you can implement. You probably struggle with lengthy conversation, heavy theory and a lack of guidelines for how to put something into practice. You are interested in efficiency, detail and action – not only will you keep things running smoothly, but you will show more of Jesus’ love to those around you through the way you serve.

5 minutes into a lengthy conversation about a solution, I will be thinking about solving a problem of lengthy conversations.

Lengthy conversations about God - bring it on :)

I didn't think that it would be wise to share all my thoughts in a public space, but I have done a bit of reflecting on those results. For every sentence, I asked questions such as :

  • Why?

  • How is it good?

  • How is it bad?

  • How can it be better?

  • How can it help the mission?

  • How can it stop the mission?

This helped me realize a few things about how I approach things and definitely helped me grow.

At the end of the test, You will find:

  • a description of your style

  • help with what can you do to improve

  • tips on how you can use your gifts and where you will be most effective and fulfilled

  • a video about your style

  • few testimonies from people like you

  • A bible study notes for your style

  • Notes for a small group leader on how to lead a group through Mission Styles

Join me

I would love to see what your mission style is! To share your result with me, access the test with this link https://missionstyles.org/group/Z3Y8bWw4V9v5gWp8eiAAgh/join

If you don't want to share your result, that s fine :) you can use alternative link https://missionstyles.org/

The Mission Style test was developed by Fusion https://www.fusionmovement.org/.

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