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Support me




- For fruitfulness of my work in reaching out to those who don't know Jesus, in discipling others and starting new things

- For Gods protection and provision for me and my family

- For success in future plans that God holds for me

Please, pray together with me and others who support me. Button below will add to your calendar weekly reminder so that we can pray together even if we are not in the same place.


Financial support

Please consider supporting me in my ministry work. 

Even £5 goes a long way. That will support me in my studying as well as helps me spread the gospel and equip new Christians in bibles and good books.

If you know me, you know that I live frugally and am responsible.

The best way to support me is through Stewardship.

Just click below, to download a form, print it, fill it in and post it for free to "Freepost STEWARDSHIP"


Old books

If you are able, please donate me some of the books and bibles that you didn't use in years.

Some of the books are great to give away to new or growing Christians.

Another kind, I will be able to sell to cover my expenses coming from my work.

Contact me on to find out more