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Mack Deptula


Mack Deptula was born and raised in Gdansk, Poland. He was raised Catholic, but he never had faith of his own and was an atheist. While still in school, he began living away from family and working as a construction worker, personal trainer and fashion model,

After moving to the United Kingdom, with less than £100 and without knowledge of the English language, he began work in warehouses. Quickly, he has learned the language and climbed through a career in logistics, marketing and business.  

In Leicester, Mack met Giles, who invited him to church. Reluctantly he came to the first Sunday meeting, encountered Holy Spirit and felt called to church planting. Mack got involved in church ministry and was discipled over the next few years by a few great people. After receiving from God a clear call to leave his career, Mack stepped into the unknown. The first ministerial opportunity showed up within weeks. Mack worked for CLC Bookshops and Bookaid Charitable Trust later, he started an internship in St John the Baptist church. Craving for more, Mack signed up St Mellitus Bible College, simultaneously starting a discernment process for ordained ministry within the Church of England.

At the beginning of 2020, Mack moved to London, where he began work for the Centre for Church Multiplication. After being recommended for ordained ministry, his training in St Mellitus continues, and he fulfils the role of Small Groups Pastor in St Barnabas church.

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