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The Prayer Course

The Prayer Course is an eight-week journey through The Lord's Prayer which will help you grow and deepen your prayer life. We are running an online daytime course and an online evening course on a Monday. When you sign up, you will be sent a Zoom meeting link for the appropriate course.

The course is split into 8 sessions...

Why Pray? - unpacking the importance of prayer and the different topics covered during the course

Adoration - exploring how we can enjoy God's presence in praise and worship

Petition - recognising the importance of asking God in prayer

Intercession - thinking about the importance and power of praying on behalf of others

Unanswered Prayer - tackiling the challenges and realities of prayers not being answered

Contemplation - discovering how to spend time with God in silence to enrich our relationship with Him

Listening - unpacking the practical ways that we can tune into hearing God's voice

Spiritual Warfare - looking closely at the ways we can pray God's kingdom come in the midst of a spiritual battle

Each session includes a video (which we will watch online together) and then discussion groups (for which we will break into small online breakout groups). There's no pressure to take part in the are welcome to listen to the discussion of others. The Prayer Course has been developed by Pete Greig and his team at 24-7 Prayer. To find our more about the course content, click here.

Session 1:Why Pray?

Session 4: Intercession Download resources for the session

Session 5: Unanswered Prayer Download resources for the session

Session 6: Contemplation Download resources for the session

Session 7: Listening

Session 8: Spiritual Warfare Download resources for the session


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